This podcast may be upsetting to those who have lost people close to you recently. I discuss the facination around death, the trauma that comes with it, and how we assist in an autopsy/post mortem. 

We begin a new season of The Crime Scene Investigator! In my first episode back behind the mic, I discuss what I've been up to recently, the news surrounding my department, and my first ever court case. 


If you have any questions for me, please head over to Twitter and message me - @CSIChrisGee

I go into more depth about DNA than I have previously, and discuss methods on how to recover DNA samples from Crime Scenes. 

There are so many myths and expectations regarding fingerprints, and I aim to answer these in this podcast! Hope you enjoy it and learn a few things.

Ever wondered how to recover an item as evidence, wonder no longer! In this episode I discuss the techniques we use to package some weird and wonderful exhibits. I feel I've said wonder too much...

I catch up with previous guest Hayley and discuss the top 5 types of forensic evidence we collect, their positives and limitations, and which piece of evidence would be most useful in a court room. 

I give you all the tips and tricks to prepare you to enter a crime scene, and we have a silly scenario at the end putting our new skills into practice!

Lots of things can race through my mind whilst dealing with a traumatic crime scene. I look back at some of the difficult times and how I overcame them. 

No guests today, just moi. I talk about the different types of crime a CSI can attend, from burglary to suspicious death. I look into the amount of CSI resources needed for a serious crime and how draining it can be. 

I've got Adelle with me from the Forensic Recovery Unit or FRU (pronounced F-Roo!). She explains the role of the department, how to develop a fingerprint with chemicals, and how difficult it becomes when your office is in an elevator.  

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